Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We are here!!

Hello!! Here is a quick update...we landed in Port Au Prince yesterday. We are very thankful for the help of Denny and Leora and their family! Also Dan and Esther's son Jesse has been a HUGE help. I am amazed at how well the plane trip went with all the children and luggage, praise God. We have been spending our time trying to get organized, and really feel like we are making great progress! The house is not quite done but they are working on it daily. We are staying at Kaliko, waiting, we think we will be able to move in tomorrow, however there will still be Haitians working on a few different things. We are very excited to be here as a family, and encouraged as things seem to be flowing smoothly! We can feel your prayers, and are very thankful for them!

David enjoying the free ride.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

"When are you leaving for Haiti?"

 Greetings! For those of you wondering, we are still in the states, and plan to leave for Haiti sometime in middle to late Febuary. When myself and a few other brothers from ACCF went in December, we had no luck finding a place to rent. We decided on just renting a hotel like place, witch would get us there and we could spend more time finding a place and get it ready. Shortly after we left, however, we got word of a home still under construction that would be available Febuary 1st. So we decided to just wait until that place was ready, well for those of you that have been to Haiti you already know that they work and do things at a different pace then we are used to here. Brothers Mart, James, Willy, and myself flew down there last week to look over the place, it was not finished, but it did look like it was just what we were praying for. They say the house will be ready by Febuary 15, however I have decided to attend the Men's discipleship meeting in Berne, IN that week. So..Lord willing we will be flying out the weekend following the meetings! In the meantime my family and I have moved from our home, and in with my parents! We pray that we can be a blessing to them while we are here. We packed most everything we got into a 10'x20' storage unit and sold a lot of stuff.  We hit a deer with our minivan, and drove it with a damaged front end for some time before finally selling it last week at a price that will allow plenty of room for the cost of fixing it.  Praise God for his protection while we still used it in the condition it was in!

We are praying that the Lord continues to make our hearts ready for the task He has set before us, and that we can fully trust in Him in all things, even the timing of it all.

God Bless.

The Grants.